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IBS Treatments at the IBS Centre

Research has shown that the most effective way of treating IBS is by using hypnotherapy. 71% of people with IBS are helped by using hypnotherapy (see BBC article or The Nursing Times). Therefore at the IBS Centres we use hypnotherapy exclusively to treat IBS. It has been shown that not only does hypnotherapy resolve a lot of the symptoms, it actually allows the patient to feel more confident that they can live their lives without the anxiety, discomfort, embarrassment and pain associated with IBS. What’s more, research has shown that it allows the patient to maintain this relief permanently, provided they continue with a maintenance routine using self hypnosis at home a few times a month.

IBS is a complex issue and each patient is assessed individually. The severity varies tremendously, so our treatment plans are very adaptable, depending on the needs of the patient.   

Long term severe IBS Treatment plan    £549

Severe IBS Treatment plan                  £349

Moderate IBS Treatment plan              £299

Mild IBS Treatment plan                      £149

Top-up IBS Treatments